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“I already know that by reading this it’ll change my life in some way. Maybe it’ll be my relationship with God.”



“I just finished reading your book and it was a cool drink on a hot day.”


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“I’m halfway through your book and absolutely love it! Your tips and learnings are spot-on and should be required reading for anyone considering buying an RV. Cindy and I hope to see you down the road again someday soon.”

Airstreamer with over 19 years experience, Co-Creator of the Luv Subbin YouTube Channel, and past President of the New England Airstream Club.

Rich Collins


“Deep into your book. Sheer delight! Thank you for this spiritual bouquet, really lovely!”


“It’s so inspiring to see how you were able to keep reinventing yourself and using your God-given talents to overcome challenges, embrace life AND help others.”