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“Compellingly humble and refreshingly far removed from the pseudo catharsis offered by the majority of memoirs Rozell gives us a spiritual odyssey and a powerful reflection on the important things in life.

Readers might easily name scores of books that have been hugely influential in their life, but the ones that connect with us on a deeper level share both practical and personal views that the reader can readily reflect upon. And this is certainly true of Journeys With Tin Can Pilgrim.

Of course, any perspective is subjective, but Rozell’s willingness to share her journey in such an engaging way is touching whilst her prose and thoughtful and practical presentation make the book appealing to a broad readership.

Through sharing her journey as a “Tin Can Pilgrim” Rozell shows us how a creative and enlightened approach to overcoming adversity can act as a catalyst for positive change by altering one’s perspective and revealing inner strengths.

Central to this is Rozell’s relationship with God and her “Airstream epiphany” that led to her own emotional, physical and spiritual healing. A journey that leaves us in no doubt she’s given much consideration to how we come to interpret the influence of faith and spirituality in modern times and what it means spiritually to meaningfully commune with God.

Reminding us of the enduring power of faith Journeys with a Tin Can Pilgrim proves an intimate and uplifting memoir that will long linger in the memory of its readers. It is highly recommended.”



“It’s so inspiring to see how you were able to keep reinventing yourself and using your God-given talents to overcome challenges, embrace life AND help others.”

“…this distinctive book recounts a return to Catholic faith that transformed a hard-driving and well-compensated corporate lawyer into a peripatetic pilgrim, traveling the country in an Airstream trailer and doing the New Evangelization retail in campgrounds around the country. It’s a story of delight in the love of God, coupled with reflections on maintaining spiritual and mental health in the practice and sharing of the faith. Quite unusual, and often quite moving.”

George Weigel

“…author Lynda Rozell utilizes the skills she learned as a high-profile lawyer to present an unbiased narrative of how she found her way to happiness. Within its 346 pages, readers will find practical information on how to live full time in an RV, religious instructions on how to find spiritual peace, and entertaining anecdotes about leading a good life…I am giving this book a rating of four out of four”

Diana Lowery


“I’m halfway through your book and absolutely love it! Your tips and learnings are spot-on and should be required reading for anyone considering buying an RV. Cindy and I hope to see you down the road again someday soon.”

Airstreamer with over 19 years experience, Co-Creator of the Luv Subbin YouTube Channel, and past President of the New England Airstream Club.

Rich Collins

“Deep into your book. Sheer delight! Thank you for this spiritual bouquet, really lovely!”

“I already know that by reading this it’ll change my life in some way. Maybe it’ll be my relationship with God.”


“I just finished reading your book and it was a cool drink on a hot day.”

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